Investing in Palm Beach property could be a fantastic investment. After all, living in Palm Beach, Florida, is equivalent to living in a lavish paradise. The area attracts affluent residents and investors with every passing year.

Still, if you’re unfamiliar with this area, you’ll naturally be cautious about purchasing properties. Allow this guide to educate you on every aspect of living in Palm Beach Florida.

That way, you can feel confident about investing in luxurious Palm Beach properties.

Palm Beach, Florida: An Overview

Palm Beach has a rich history of opulence and grandeur. Its first mansion, the Whitehall (also known as the Flagler Museum) Estate, was built in 1902. This was seven years before it was incorporated.

The entirety of this neighborhood sits on a thin strip of land off the coast of nearby West Palm Beach. Every inch of real estate is valuable.

And though West Palm Beach does feature some stunning properties, the most desirable homes are always found in Palm Beach.

That’s because West Palm is far more pedestrian and suburban than the prosperous Palm Beach neighborhood. It’s also worth noting that living in Palm Beach is far different from living in nearby West Palm.

The residents of Palm Beach get to enjoy the best aspects of living in tropical Florida. There’s something for everyone in this South Florida community.

From the warm sunny weather to the well-catered attractions, living in Palm Beach County Florida could feel like a tropical dream come to true.

Living In Palm Beach Florida

Have you found yourself wondering what it might be like to live in Palm Beach, Florida? If so, you’ll want to consider some of the most impactful factors, including:

  • Local Climate
  • Cost of Living
  • Educational Institutions
  • Local Attractions and Entertainment
  • Palm Beach Properties

After all, even the most attractive and alluring properties can be virtually worthless if they’re far from amenities. Attractions and competitively ranked schools always add value. So, let’s discuss what life is like in Palm Beach!

Local Climate

Palm Beach is just north of Miami. Its climate is very similar to that of Miami; Tropical, humid, and warm throughout most of the year.

Unlike many other Florida cities, Palm Beach experiences relatively few rainy days. As such, it’s considered one of the sunniest destinations for wealthy residents and investors alike.

Highs in this area tend to fluctuate at around 90°F, especially during the hotter seasons. However, coastal winds often keep outdoor areas pleasantly cool and comfortable.

Additionally, winter temperature can dip to 60°F or below, making for chilly (but snow-free) weather. As you can see, Palm Beach isn’t nearly as hot as other Floridian cities!

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Palm Bech is notably higher than the national and state average. But these increased costs deter middle-class buyers while also encouraging increased luxury-tier development.

Palm Beach might be a relatively small community, particularly when compared to the sprawling West Palm area. But it’s not without valuable services and amenities.

While there are public schools here, they’re not the top options. Many families in Palm Beach choose to enroll their children in acclaimed private schools instead.

Educational Institutions

There are quite a few highly ranked educational institutions throughout Palm Beach. This makes it a fantastic area for well-to-do families. But don’t just take our word for it.

Let’s examine three of the top private schools in Palm Beach to discover how they’re helping prepare students to earn competitive spots at internationally recognized universities.

Saint Andrew’s School

Saint Andrew’s School may be the most prestigious academy in all of Florida. It’s undoubtedly the top school in Palm Beach County, and it’s one of the only boarding schools in the area.

This fine institution is located in the nearby neighborhood of Boca Raton. Its Episcopal designation ensures that it provides a superior academic and spiritual education to students of all ages.

Unlike other Palm Beach County schools, Saint Andrew’s School is open to children of almost all ages. This academy accepts pre-kindergartners, middle schoolers, and high school students.

Consequently, Saint Andrew’s is one of the only institutions to offer every International Baccalaureate (IB) program level. As a result, students that attend and graduate from this school are destined for great things.

Rosarian Academy

The Rosarian Academy is conveniently located and well-equipped to foster a love for learning.

Though this Catholic private school only educated up to the eighth grade, its challenging curriculum can lay the foundation for further academic success. Tuition here typically costs between $10,000 and $20,000 each year.

That said, this school offers a wide range of student activities that can enrich a child’s mind and spirit. Community service, elective opportunities, and communication skills are held in high regard at Rosarian Academy.

The American Academy

The American Academy places a notable emphasis on college preparation and admittance. They’re also noteworthy for accepting students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, or other academic challenges.

However, this focus doesn’t detract the school from providing an exemplary and comprehensive education. And students enrolled here start from an early age. This institution consists of both a lower and upper school.

The lower school starts with kindergarten, while the upper school consists of high-school students. Each class is small, allowing instructors to provide targeted attention to every student.

Students’ tuition fees at The American Academy vary between about $33,000 and almost $40,000 per year. While scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available, most attendees come from affluent families.

Local Attractions and Entertainment

In addition to pleasant weather and competitively ranked schools, Palm Beach has a slew of local entertainment options that attract residents and visitors. Some of the most notable of these include:

  • Worth Avenue
  • The Royal Poinciana Plaza
  • Local Country Clubs
  • Fine Dining Opportunities

Let’s take a few moments to explore each of these attractions to help you get to know Palm Beach a little better. Remember, nearby amenities often make or break a property, so it’s crucial to get to know these attractions.

Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue is essentially Palm Beach’s answer to LA’s Rodeo Drive. It’s a shop-lined street designed to cater only to the most refined and decadent tastes and desires.

This opulent avenue also houses the Breakers Hotel, an Art Deco masterpiece with an on-site spa that rivals any other in Palm Beach. If your shopping experience wears you out, a stop at this spa could be perfect.

When you’re done allowing yourself to be pampered, you can visit the nearby Chanel or Gucci store for some trendy finds. But, of course, no trip to Worth Avenue would be complete without a bite to eat.

But with so many restaurants and eateries from which to choose, visitors can quickly find themselves feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, Café Boulud and Renato’s are tried-and-true selections.

The former is a contemporary fine dining establishment that puts a focus on fresh seafood and delicate favors. The latter is an Italian restaurant that serves a variety of straightforward, hearty dishes.

The  Royal Poinciana Plaza

The Royal Poinciana Plaza is a commercial playground for the wealthy and affluent. This gorgeously designed shopping plaza contains many upscale stores, including Rani Arabella, Oscar de la Renta, and Kiton.

This mall is also home to several extraordinary art galleries, real estate offices, and services.

For example, visitors can enjoy wellness advice and treatments at Holistic Integrative Health. Of course, the Paul Labrecque Salon and Spa also offers a type of self-care that appeals to shoppers.

Naturally, shopping isn’t the only amenity that attracts investors and well-off homeowners. The local country clubs, many of which are incredibly exclusive, also draw a select crowd.

Local Country Clubs

Those hoping to soak up some Florida sunshine while on the green will be glad to know that Palm Beach’s country clubs are some of the finest in the state. Additionally, there are quite a few from which to choose.

The Palm Beach Country Club is one of the more popular options, though The Ocean Course at The Breakers is also prized among golfers. Those willing to make the drive toward West Palm can also enjoy the clubs there.

Of course, those hoping to treat their palates to some Florida fine dining may want to skip the country club and explore the area’s most sumptuous, luxurious, and decadent dining experiences.

Fine Dining Opportunities

Many of the finest restaurants in Florida can be found in Palm Beach. So whether you’re looking to enjoy a delicately grilled filet mignon or golden Imperial Osetra caviar, there’s a restaurant to cater to your refined tastes.

Some of the most beloved restaurants in this neighborhood include Cafe L’Europe, Meat Market Steakhouse, and The Circle. Each of these establishments serves a unique type of cuisine.

Still, these are only a few of the dozens of fine dining establishments in Palm Beach. As such, you could spend weeks in Palm Beach trying new restaurants without ever eating at the same place twice.

Thanks to a steady influx of discerning residents, this neighborhood has a uniquely diverse range of exceptional restaurants. Each of these eateries seems to have its own dedicated five-star chef.

Palm Beach Properties

The true jewel in the crown of Palm Beach might be the palatial, luxurious properties built here. Nearly every multi-million dollar property features a distinct, alluring style as well as well-manicured grounds.

Investors looking to snap up the most amenity-rich homes in a consistently affluent area won’t want to miss out on these remarkable properties.

Palm Beach Luxury Real Estate

Palm Beach County is home to dozens of billionaires, making it one of the most affluent areas in South Florida. Therefore, investing in properties here could be one of the smartest financial moves you ever make.

But, naturally, there are several types of luxury real estate you could choose to purchase. Some of the most popular examples include:

  • Waterfront Homes
  • Luxurious West Palm Houses
  • Palatial Palm Beach Properties

There are quite a few options when it comes to investing in Palm Beach luxury real estate. You could choose top-notch condominiums, palatial properties, and yacht-friendly waterfront homes. Let’s explore each.

Waterfront Homes

Investors searching for waterfront property should seriously consider purchasing a Palm Beach home. After all, several gorgeous waterfront properties could be ideal havens for boat and beach lovers.

With more than 40 miles of stunning coastline and several rambling, rippling lakes from which to choose, you’re bound to find a property that’s a Palm Beach paradise.

Notably, many waterfront properties are just as decadent and stylish as the inland West Palm homes and villas.

Luxurious West Palm Houses

Though West Palm does contain some middle-income neighborhoods and subdivisions, it’s also home to several exquisite properties worthy of top-notch investors.

You can discover Italian-style villas and Spanish-style estates peppered throughout West Palm, with many superb properties making ideal investments for those seeking to acquire affluent renters.

Palatial Palm Beach Properties

Palatial, exquisite-quality properties are some of the primary reasons high-priority clientele choose Palm Beach. If you’re looking to invest in continually appreciating homes, you’ll want to browse these properties.

Remember, Florida doesn’t charge a personal income tax. Profits you earn in Florida will remain largely untaxed according to state regulations. As such, purchasing property in Florida could be a profitable choice.

Are you looking for a private escape? You can also choose to invest in exclusive Palm Beach properties that combine privacy, natural splendor, and modern luxuries in one neat package.

Enjoy the Best of Palm Beach

Living in Palm Beach Florida is like living in a contemporary tropical paradise. There are jaw-dropping properties around every corner, from waterfront homes to palatial Palm Beach mansions.

It’s also worth noting that this discerning community is home to upscale shopping centers catering to the affluent residents and fine dining establishments waiting to satisfy your every culinary desire.

Whether you’re an investor or a future resident, Palm Beach could be a dream come true. Be sure to contact us today for information about properties in this area.