florida home inspection

Did you know that newly listed homes have increased by 32.6%? In some areas, there has been an increase of 43%. When you find your dream home, you think that’s it, but there’s another step in the process. You’ll need a Florida home inspection report to ensure that everything is up to par.

But what is common and what isn’t? Read this guide on common problems found in inspection reports to know what to expect.

Water Damage

West Palm Beach receives a large portion of its rain during the summer months. June is the wettest month with about 5.20″ on average. West Palm Beach homes for sale might have damage to wood products due to the rain.

That’s why rain protection is vital in homes. Watch out for poorly protected siding or trim since they’re the most vulnerable to floods.

Stucco homes could let water into the frame. Regular maintenance of paint and caulk is important. Consider homes with stucco, aluminum, and other materials instead of wood.

Plumbing Problems

Your home inspection could find broken water heaters, leaky faucets, etc. The good news is that plumbing problems are easy to fix. Costly problems could include when water goes behind the tiles.

These problems can be avoided by using caulk or grout within grout lines. It’s important that the homeowner applies the application as needed.

Outdated Electrical Systems

Electrical home repairs are common if the system is outdated. Many electrical problems go unnoticed over time.

Top-notch inspectors will find old knob-and-tube wiring, worn-out wires, overloaded circuits, etc. Many of these can be potential fire hazards.

Any missing components will need to be fixed. Outlets are required in rooms such as laundry areas, kitchens, garages, and more.

Termite Evidence

Have a termite inspector come and ensure that there’s no current termite damage. There might be termite damage from past problems as well.

An infestation could be from damp and humid environments. Termites love wood and can find an opening in cracks in the foundation.

Remediation of termites can be costly. Signs of an infestation include swollen ceilings, mazes in walls, wood shavings, etc.

Masonry Defects

Palm Beach real estate could have defects in masonry. Homes settle over time and could cause this.

Watch out for thick cracking in foundations, slabs, and retaining walls. These cracks could cause problems to the home’s structure.

Vertical cracks are less of a concern than horizontal ones. Watch out for cracks that start separating at the mortar.

This could indicate that there’s a structural problem. These issues could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Leaky Roofs

Roofing issues are common in the Florida climate due to moisture. If installed properly, concrete tiles and metal panels can handle the weather.

Strong winds are the main problem. Shingle roofs tend to have problems in this weather.

Check the roof’s perimeters. Look at the attic vents, plumbing vents, and chimneys.


When lawns settle over time, raised spots can occur. This causes water to pool at the base of the home.

The original slope or grading might have been done incorrectly at the beginning. Water damage and cracked slabs could lead to this.

Window Issues

Window issues can cause HVAC problems and raise the price. Poorly insulated windows could cause your windows to stick, cracked panes, failed seals, and more.

HVAC Problems

Inspectors will want to see if the HVAC is working properly. They’ll want to know if it has proper ventilation.

Improper ventilation could lead to carbon monoxide leakage, which is dangerous. It could also lead to other toxins.

Look out for:

  • The smell of gas
  • Cracks in ductwork
  • Loose electrical connections
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • The presence of carbon monoxide

Toxic Materials

Older homes were built before they knew that certain materials were toxic. They could have lead paint or asbestos.

They could also have radon and carbon monoxide. These could enter your home through cracks in the foundation or faulty appliances. Toxic materials need to be removed right away.

Look for:

  • Certain types of tile, insulation, and texture paints
  • Carbon monoxide or radon

You can use a test kit to find radon or carbon monoxide. If the items with asbestos aren’t damaged, they aren’t normally considered dangerous.

Drainage Problems

Drainage problems could cause water to pool around your home. Watch out for mold and mildew, flooding in the yard, musty smells, water pooling near the home, etc.

Stucco Problems

A home that has the proper application of stucco can last for a lifetime. If it isn’t, you might see water in the living area.

This leads to having to spend a large amount to fix it. Any cracks in the stucco can lead to water entering it.

Water can enter the living space through sidewalks, stoops, and patios that are too high. Look for a weep screed that disappears into the concrete. This could lead to water damage and intrusion.

Common Concerns During a Florida Home Inspection

After exploring this guide, you should better understand common concerns found during a Florida home inspection. If your inspector finds these, it’s a good sign that they checked every nook and cranny.

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