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Very helpful. Made house hunting a pleasure. Love our home. Thanks to Linda A. Gary.

This is a recommendation for Ingvar Estrada, licensed Real Estate agent. He is a reliable and hard-working individual.

This letter is in reference to Mr Ingvar Estrada, Realtor with Linda A. Gary Real Estate of Palm Beach. Ingvar Estrada and Linda Gary worked with me on one of my former Palm Beach Residences and were nothing short of astonishing and a great pleasure to work with. Mr. Estrada was most accommodating in his professionalism and was a total charming gentleman in the process. I highly recommend Mr. Ingvar Estrada as a knowledgeable and consummate Palm Beach Realtor that is refined, elegant and outstanding amongst the other so called Realtors. As a resident in Palm Beach for many years, I find that Mr. Estrada is a breath of fresh air in our community and highly recommend him for all your Real Estate Services.

Mrs. William Willis Reese

Dear Ingvar,

I just wanted to thank you for being such a terrific guide to the ins and outs of Palm Beach Real Estate. I appreciate the time that you have spent educating me about your market and listening to my needs. You are a terrific resource for anyone planning to move to Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, I’m so happy with the Portal system that you provided for me. You know how to get it done! I will keep you posted as soon as I’m ready for the big move.

  My name is Victoria Schrafft and I am the daughter of Palm Beach resident and The Dowager duchess and Queen Socialite of Palm Beach, Brownie McLean. I grew up on the Island of Palm Beach and lived there since the 1950’s.

  This letter is regarding Mr. Ingvar Estrada, a unique and wonderful man that has been like a son to my mother since the late 1980’s and my special friend for years. I’m honored to recommend Ingvar Estrada as a Palm Beach Realtor. 

  I am also looking forward to working with him as I am in the process of relocating and consolidating my numerous residences. Ingvar is a reliable, honest and a diligent professional that anyone would be proud and fortunate to have as their Palm Beach Realtor.

I proudly and highly recommend Mr. Ingvar Estrada as a trustworthy and knowledgeable, Palm Beach Realtor.

With the upmost sincerity,

Victoria Schrafft 

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